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Wedding Highlights | Amrik + Mehak | 2018 | Cinematic | Dolphin Photography

Wedding Highlight | 2018 | Krishna + Divya | Dolphin Photography | India

Best Pre Wedding 2018 Harsh + Anjani | Dolphin Photography Chandigarh

Pre Wedding | SACHIN + JIGYASA | Kasouli | Dolphin Photography

Best Pre-Wedding 2017 | Shikha + Brahm | Cinematic | Dolphin Photography

"As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen!"
Presenting you the adventurous couple we have this season - Shikha and Brahm. They call themselves #shikhabrahm :D
Finding a perfect prewedding location for every couple is one hell of a process. Good conversations on phone, back to back whatsapp messages, kind of pictures someone is looking for - all this matters to almost every couple. So when these guys started discussing about their prewedding shoot, it took good 8-10 days to finalise on the locations and Voila, we were on for an adventure. We decided to go for #Nalagrah and do the shoot there. We can create some good shots because I knew what Shikha and Brahm were looking for.
Nalagarh is a tricky location as everything looks the same but big thanks to the couple as they were pretty patient with me for finding the perfect spot and going through those villages which don't even exist on maps.
To all the friends who have shown immense faith in us, thank you so much for the love you've provided. This season, we are doing a lot of these kind of shoots. So do watch this space.
Aur jeevan shaily mein ek baat avashya yaad rakhein, sharing hi caring hai!
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Best Wedding Highlights 2017 | Harman + Manjinder | Cinematic | Dolphin Photography

'She knew she loved him when HOME went from being a place to a person.'
How beautiful it is to fall in and fall out of love then leave your expectations and let your parents decide for you?
To some extent it feels like you've lost the power to love again but when it happens it happens for good :)
Mani Harman and Manjinder Grewal story is not a love story but a lot like love story! 
They were fixed to meet each other and the love bloomed and they gave their story a tag of "Love marriage"
Because when it happens, everything make sense!
Have a look as I always say, drop your work pick up your gadgets and Like and care to share!
Love and luck
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Cheena + Munish | CInematic | Wedding | Highlights | 2017 | Dolphin Photography

The one thing that the world isn't tired of speaking, writing or singing about is - Love. How then does it have a different shade always? Well, it doesn't. The feeling remains the same. It is the stories leading to it that are different every time. These stories deserve an emotional resonance; a frame that entails the warmth; music that underlines the vehemence and words that do justice to their coming together.
Watch Cheena and Munish's wedding to see love, hear love, feel love, and if you're lucky, be in love.
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Best Pre-wedding | 2017 | Gurlal + Sukhdeep | | Cinematography | Team Dolphin

You both are the epitome of true love and you both personify romance.
Watching you both is a beautiful sight, that deserves more than just one glance.
Heartiest congratulations Dr. Gurlal & Dr. Sukhdeep .. thank you for having us document the most important days of your lives :)
- from all of us at Dolphin Photography
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Sahil + Richa | Cinematic | Highlights | 2017 | RIng Ceremony

There's always a moment right before I begin to hear every couples' love story, when my mind churns with random ideas and this feeling keeps me going, you know. I feel their story and I try to make a picture nd video in my mind and then capture it because I believe in making photos nd video. That's how it goes.

Amritpal + Amanjot | pre-wed | cinematic | 2016

Some love stories deserve more than just a good looking couple, beautiful moments, spectacular settings and perfect smiles. What they get is a painting, a painting by Mother Nature herself, where she makes the sky look like a gorgeous bride, a bride whose veil is all the deep colours, colours that no man can think. For it's for these two special hearts, a pair no other can ever match...


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